Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Day 2

Ah... Glorious 2nd morning at Taiwan... After breakfast, we put all of our luggages back into the bus again. First stop - Taroko National Park to see Taroko Gorge. See water see hills... Mum and I walked to see the temple and then back to the main area. Then, our tour lady helped out a China tourist who got left behind by her tour group. Her husband and daughter are in the tour too and we wondered why they did not inform their tour guide immediately that their wife/mum has not boarded the bus yet. Anyways, we left the tourist with the policeman and go on our way.

Food is such an important aspect. Straight after Taroko National Park, we had our lunch. The restaurant we went to seems to be specially catered for tour goups. In fact, the day before, we did pass by the restaurant and it is flooded with people who looks like tourists...

Anyways... next stop is a marble factory. The disadvantage of following a tour group is that they will bring you to such factory where you will be required to listen to the salesperson talking about their product then after that, they expect you to buy some of the products back home. Not for me!

Next stop - Dairy Farm! We thought it's going to be some dairy farm show or something like that. But it's not. It's a free time activity. We can do whatever we want to do there - either drink milk (buy your self) or go look at their dairy cows or take pics at their farm...

Then, we went on the road again...and we arrived at our accommodation of the night. A hot spring hotel. Before we settled into our rooms, we had our dinner.
There are public hot spring pools available. I didnt go because reason one is that I didnt bring my swimsuit, reason two is that the sulphate in the hot spring water will ruin the swimsuit (so lucky I didnt bring mine) and reason three is that we can actually have hot spring water in our hotel room so we can still enjoy the hot spring in our room...nude.
But it is so smelly lo. I nearly couldnt sleep because it is too smelly... This hotel is not bad actually. It has wifi all over the hotel. I felt so connected to the world that night.

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