Monday, April 04, 2011

Pre-Departure to Taiwan

Ahh.. the update... A lot of pics to sort out.. too many useless pics that I cant show ppl but it helps me to remember what happened.

Anyways.. Mrs Goh and I left Miri on a not so early Sunday morning. We shall be spending two nights in KK before departing for Taiwan. We have relatives at KK whom we spent the afternoon with.
Cousin treated us seafood dinner... Yummyness.... Now then I realised that there was only one green veggie. Hehe.. After that, Elaine arrived back in KK and we I went with her for a second dinner...
Yes, you are reading it correctly. I went for second dinner. My initial plan was not to dine with my cousin but out of courtesy, I must eat with the cousin and family. My stomach was filled with seafood but my brain is craving for pizza. The pizza was fab..the mushrooms very juicy... hehe...

Anyways... Mum and I spent the night at the hotel with Elaine. The next morning, we went out for breakfast and the shopping begins..ok, not really...more like we walked around looking at fruits..veggie...then somehow we ended walking all the way to Suria.

I bought an Esprit sling bag... oh! I finally can use the adjective that I have been wanting to use. Cough... my Esprit sling bag is made of buttery soft leather. Hehehe....

We spent the afternoon resting in the hotel doing manicure and pedicure using the nail polish Elaine and I bought from Faceshop the night before. Then off to foot massage. Mum super enjoyed her body and foot massage. She was loving it.

Time flies and by the time we finished our massage, it was time for dinner.
Ok la... It's not overly fantastic. I think I am spoiled by Excapade.

Mum spent the night with aunt while I spent the night with Elaine... Very early next morning (22nd March 2011), I sneaked out of the hotel room to go to airport.

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