Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Day 3

Day 3 started with us leaving the hot spring hotel early morning... I managed to sign in to play Restaurant City. hehe... It was a long bus ride to our next destination and we stopped a roadside restaurant to have lunch. Nothing to complain about the lunch despite of its location - middle of nowhere.

First stop of the tourist attractions - Temple. I forgot the name of the temple and I couldnt find the temple's name anywhere in the temple. Oh well... The temple has a lot of facilities and it's huge.

Next... Pearl Shop where they sell pearl powder. Err... nothing much to talk about this place... I got persuaded to buy a bottle of the powder. Erm. Deeply regretted it. :p
Next - KaoShiung's Dream Mall. Only give one and a half hour to shop here. Not enough time!

This is the night we get to try the food at Liu He Night Market... Mum and I had (1) bbq pork stick and chicken butts stick, (2) smelly tofu, (3) strawberry drenched with sweet milk, (4) papaya milk, (5) bitter gourd juice, (6) pork kidney fried with sesame oil and (7) oyster ball. I got treated by our tour mate - taiwan sausages and deep fried shisamo (pregnant fish). Yum~ We have been out whole day and it's time to go back to the hotel of the night. Btw, the weather was not cold... in fact, at one point, it was too warm.

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