Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Day 4

Day 4 started with another long bus ride. Now we are heading to Sun Moon Lake area...and we started with lunch.

Right after lunch, we went to Taiwan's smallest yuan zhu ming's population's race, i forgot what race...'s shop. They are selling the uterus of the deer....royal jelly bee...i forgot what else. After that, we stopped by the Peacock Garden. We are lucky to see one of the peacock fanning out its feathers although its feathers arent so nice. :p Mum and I shared a roasted sweet potato and it was yummylicious. Hehe...

Temple! Ok...temple is just temple. see see look look and it rained. I left my hoodie in the luggage today so I had to make do with Mum's scarf. The weather got a lil colder and the mist were moving in fast. So fast that by the time I had my taiwan sausage, I only get a very misty view of the lake.

Oh well... We got on the bus for another one and half hour ride to reach Tai Chung and we had our dinner at Feng Jia Ye Shi...Considerably less stuff than Liu He Ye Shi but the "Da Zhang Bao Xiao Zhang" is quite good.
Nevertheless, we still go out after we put our stuff in the hotel...to the nearby "Zhong Hua Lu Ye Shi" to search for more food. I only bought an onigiri at the convenient store instead.
Hotel at Tai Chung is a budget hotel.... Hmm...
Ah... the breakfast is this hotel is horrible. I almost had nothing to eat. And btw, main breakfast staple food are porridge and bread. Every morning the same staple food. Oh... I am seriously sick of these two things.

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