Monday, August 14, 2006

The 8 Don't for Reunion Gathering

Recently (on 11th August)my dad went to his high school reunion gathering at Kuching.

I have been my dad's middle person in informing my dad and his old friend regarding the reunion matter. Today when i checked my email box, it was an overdue email but nevertheless, it was a funny one...It is about the 'don't during reunion'..Please bear in mind that it is a 30-year reunion for them...There goes...

  1. Do not rekindle old flames, even if under the influence of alcohol.
  2. Don't you dare greet friends with "you are so fat now".............sensitive issue.
  3. Do not address anyone their old nicknames......... One can't take embarrassment very well at this vulnerable age of 50s.
  4. Do not overwhelm the conversation in foochow, some may think you are manifesting in tongues.
  5. Do not leave without paying......... this may be the last reunion dinner the organiser will ever organize.
  6. Do not "ta pau" what is not being consumed...just think of those extra calories.......
  7. Do not flaunt your wealth [Examples: penthouse in Sydney, S-Class Mercedes, mansion in Kenny Hill, Batu Kawa mistress, etc.] Those of us salaried folks could choke on the lamb shanks.
  8. Do not brag about your libido [Examples: 9 kids with one more on the way, weekly visit to the 'health club', Batu Kawa mistress, etc.] Those of us ordinary folks could choke on the oxtail.


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