Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It felt like I have been away for such a long time. I miss going online..surfing around without any worries or burden.

My trip to Brunei was extended for three more days and I was at the bottom of the Pit of Boredom. i nearly shed tears out of frustration due to boredom. The only time I seems to regain some sort of normality was when I went out to get take-away lunch. I went into a bakery nearby and went bread-crazy. Television was not working its wonder on me. I watched CSI, CSI:NY and CSI:Miami three times. Yes, three times. Watched a documentary on Burg Al Arab twice. Watched House twice. Sigh... Sien u know...

Oh! Suddenly remember something...The day when I come back from Singapore...I went to sleepover at Lynns' place. Then, I was asked by Koko to find Dad and see if he is heading to Brunei or staying over at Miri. After calling him for a few times and no reply, i was really getting very worried. Where is he?!! I feared the worst. Then I fell asleep, still worried. Around 1.30 am, My phone rang. Looking at the screen, my heart leaped cause it was from my home.

me: Hello?
Dad: Where are you?!
me: Sleeping at Aunt Nora's place lo. How come you didnt answer your phone? Where did you go?
Dad: Ooo...My phone ran out of battery ler. I went to Bekenu la...

Adu...worried so much and he went to Bekenu to play?! Aiyaks...

Now back in Miri... Time to regain back some normality...Sigh..I miss working le... Suddenly, working overtime isnt that bad. Having a lot of deadline to meet is not such a bad thing. I miss work.

My mouse is not working well now. It double click when I want to have a single click. Anyone want to sponsor me a new mouse? Better yet, anyone want to sponsor me a new desktop?


ManDaGoh said...

Sponsor yOu *mouse pad* lor.. :P

g0hy|3 said...

Me no need mousepad le...Me need mouse! Mouse! Err...No, no, no...Me need new PC~~!!