Friday, August 04, 2006

More food to come

2nd day of my leave, I found myself waking up early to go and get JinnWei's IC with Lynnwei.

After the short wait at the Registration Department, we went to New Cafe to have our breakfast.

"Lei Cha" is one of New Cafe's specialties. But Lynnwei and I didnt eat it. I took my mum and her friend to eat it the next day.

"Suan Pan Zhi" is another one of New Cafe's specialties. Warning: It is very oily!

Btw, my mum know to make really tasty 'Suan Pan Zhi.'

After breakfast, I went back to Brunei with Dad. Spent the whole afternoon watching tv. I didnt really want to go back to Brunei because I know it will be bored 'cause of the short period of time. There is not enough time to do much stuff, namely shopping.

After dinner, we went to the foot massager 'cause mum told me that her foot hurt. I got the massage first. It hurt like hell (pardon me). To make matter worse or is it better, the massager put a lot more pressure because my mum and her were talking about Toto and how she has missed out on buying that number. While she sakit hati, my feet got the beating...

After the foot massage, we went to my mum's friend house 'cause my mum want to chit chat with her friend. I knew it at that time that I have avoided going to the temple but this also means that I have also lose the opportunity to go shopping. Damn!

After the chit-chat, we went to the city centre to have a look around. The light decoration for the Sultan's Birthday is still on. Instead of being able to drive thru, we ended stuck in a jam because there is a huge food fair going on. I got so sleepy that I just want to go home to sleep.

5.30 am, I left Brunei with Mum. The rest of the day is torture. First I was the driver, sending my mum and her friend to shop at Boulevard Hypermarket and then to DPS at Senadin. After an afternoon nap, I woke up with a headache. I think my mum did too. Did some weeding but my mum did most of it. She cleared off most of the weeds around the house. Go Mum!

Gone back to work this morning. Did my leave planning. I found my things rather messy. Need to clear it up. Tidy up. Sort everything out. I can do it!

Laksa at Lynns' place tomolo...


ManDaGoh said...
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ManDaGoh said...

ning jiee~
ngai di..
want to cry liaO lor..
HuiNingManda very hungry
next time visit ur blog once in a blue moon to elak my stomach suddenly hungry..ahaha