Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Busy Day?!

On leave for three days.

A break from work for three days.

Started the holidays with a late night chatting till 1.30am and a sound sleep till 8.30am. Awaken by a phone call from Lynnwei.

Had breakfast with Lynnwei and Lynnx. Then began to shop at Boulevard. Having just three shopping complexes in Miri made the shopping experience in Miri a dull one. Just one hour of looking around, we left Boulevard with just one pair of jeans.

Since it was still too early for lunch, we decided to tour around Krokop. Stopped at a new bakery at Yakin to buy a few pastries. Drove around Krokop to look at the nice houses there. Then off to the Taiwanese Restaurant.

Spring Onion Pancake

Century Egg with Cool Tofu

Steamed Fried Dumplings

Gohyie with her Jasmine Milk Tea

After lunch, we went to the nearby Pharmacy. Never thought can have so much fun window shopping in a pharmacy. Haha...

We got tired that we went back to Lynn's place. After around two hours of playing online games, we went to jog(walk) for half an hour.

I went home to shower and did some trimming on the rose bush. Managed to cut my finger in the process. Argh.

I think I am tired.


lynnx01 said...

We should try out more places to write more reviews!!

g0hy|3 said...

i will be on leave again next thursday...

Brace yourself for more culinary adventures!