Sunday, August 06, 2006

Growing anticipation

Woke up this morning anticipating to have a nice bowl of laksa.

Although I forgot to set my alarms, I managed to wake up early enough.

The happiness of eating a bowl of home-made laksa is due to the freedom one has when one creates one's perfect laksa.

My perfect bowl of laksa...Yummy

I was a little late to be early at office to open the door. Confused? I should be early to open the door but I was late to do it because I arrived at 8am to open the door. Hehe...

Then I realised that my three colleagues will be on leave till tuesday. They will only be back on Wednesday. Ohno! This means that I will need to be early to open the door from Monday till Wednesday. How will I manage this?!?!

Skipped time till dinner...

Went to Parkcity Everly Hotel to have dinner. CPA Members' Dinner. Received a door gift and went in Usun Apau Hall to discover that we were late and yet still earlier than three quarter of the participants for this dinner. Adui!

The food is alright. Tasty. But I got too hungry so I didnt eat much. :P I was two hours late for my dinner.

Consolation is that I won a small gift from lucky draw. A RM50 voucher to spend in Popular Bookshop. Hmmm...What is there to buy le?! If I am still studying, I can get reference books...But now...What le?!

Dearest Cousins, wanna benefit from the vouchers? Hehe...

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