Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cant wait

Bought this delicious thingy one afternoon. I was so hungry le. The location of the shop are near so I drove there to buy it.

I think I gulped three pieces before Nanotay stopped me from consuming more.

On Wednesday, the fifteenth of the Seventh Month, I went to Royal London Circus with colleagues. YB Boss sponsored us. Thank you, Boss! I took pic of the white horses or ponies they used in the circus. The only pic I took.
Lynns and I recently must have some crazy craving for Pearl Milk Tea... In fact, I signed up for Kokoberry membership...

This post was written last week but not published because I thought I could write more... Loss of words so I didnt publish it till now..Haha..

Btw, the 'cant wait' is cant wait to go to Singapore...

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