Sunday, August 27, 2006

"You Actually Miss Work?" - UeiYing

Yea, I actually miss work. I miss having people around me. It feels as if I am Robinson Crusoe and I am stuck on a deserted island. I miss the adrenaline rush when working overtime to rush for the deadline. Or maybe I should not have taken so much leave at once. Argh!

Oh well... I am going back to work on Monday anyway.

After a morning at JM and also went back to main office to help out on carrying files over to JM, it was time for lunch. So, decided to lunch with colleagues. We went to Mega Hotel to have dimsum. Buy 2 free 1. It was not too bad. Grand Palace is still a better place to eat dim sum.

The next day, Friday, kept on reminding myself that I have an dinner appointment with LeeSia and QiAi. Went over to Lynn's place to hang out and then went out together to buy roasted chicken for lunch. After lunch, Lynna mentioned that she would like to get a hair cut so Lynnwei and I brought her to 1st Avenue under Lynthia's strong recommendation.

Review on 1st Avenue : The place is smaller compared to other saloons I have been to. The service is good though I think the drinks were served to Lynnwei and I by accident. The saloon has a comfortable setting and does not have the overpowering chemical odour like most other saloons. I am guessing that only the boss are qualify to do all the cutting so this is a downer because we dont have a choice of a junior stylist or senior sytlist. A student price of RM18 for me is a bit too pricey but was offset by the fact that it is cut by the boss a.k.a. the stylist director. :P

After the hair cut, I called office to ask them whether they wanted rojak for tea break as promised yesterday. These people hor really ordered a lot le. I thought only food but no, drinks as well. sigh.... I ordered extra for JM but then i mixed up the food when I sent it to them. The rojak ended up at JM and the pack of prawn fritters, yam and ubi ended up at Andy Chia & Co. Only found out about it when i rushed home to shower for my appointment.

I flew to pick QiAi from her office to go for a hair wash. I have actually thought of having a hair wash at saloon for the past week but didnt managed to. The hair wash was ok. But the massage I had was too strong. I can still feel pain from the massage till now. after the hair wash, we met up with LeeSia and went to town centre to do some clothes shopping. Then, we headed to Shabu Shabu to have steamboat. The food was ok and the soup was really nice at the end. Personally, I prefer Golden Pot steamboat. After the steamboat, we went to Parkson to shop.

Saturday is another busy day... Went to Brunei with colleagues...The other group of colleagues went to Mulu Caves so we decided to go somewhere else too. Brunei. I find that after shopping in Singapore, I really dont have much heart to shop at Brunei except in supermarket. Each of us bought so much food and drinks. Anyway, as soon as I arrived home, I put the yogurt in the fridge, I get a face wash and I went out immediately. Had pizza with LynnWei, Lynthia, Amanda and Abelle.

By the time I arrived home and surfing the net, the exhaustion got me and I fell asleep on the sofa.

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