Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Riam School Concert 2006

I have been to the previous year concert.

This year I decided to go again to see if there is any improvement. And partly because I discover that I really like to watch school concerts.

Watched it with Lynnwei. This year, there is no worry about my boss sitting behind me. Just sit and enjoy the show.

It is a whole lot better than last year apart from some technical problems.

But it failed to impress me more than Chung Hua Concert. Chung Hua Concert is really impressive that it left a long-lasting impression in my mind. Or was it because I watched it with Grandma.

I took a lot of pics but I dont know how to paste it all together so that I can post it as one picture...

Next time la...---> Now is next time. Got picture liao. Haha.

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