Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hiding out

Kombawa, mina-san... me is currently hiding in me room writing this blog. pretending that me has already gone sleeping.

Truthfully, my okasan kept urging me to sleep early and me still has something me want to do online... eg, writing this blog post lor...

Today is the last day of work before Chinese New Year. Sort of clearing up the table and making sure everything is sort of in order and neatly placed. Reason? Some sort of belief that the less clutter, the less messy the new year going to be. I hope it is true.

Sort of dont really have any urge to celebrate Chinese New Year. Not sure why. I have the heart to buy the deco but too lazy to do anything else.

Ah... the cat pic... today, I am showing how the cat originally looks like. As speculated by lynnx, it has something to do with Tohoshinki. A japanese magazine, which I have forgotten which one, asked them to draw on the cat pic and so they did the drawings... Thus, to end this post, I shall also show you all the cover of their most upcoming new Japanese single (coming out on 6th February)...

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lynnx01 said...

HAhaha.. so who drew the cat? Or they all drew together?