Monday, February 18, 2008

Sushi Oh Sushi

My senior... My boss... will most probably want to scold me for taking leave to make sushi... Hehe... Cough..

Monday... really not in the mood to work from Sunday night so I already made the arrangement to take leave from work. Somemore, I already talked to Lynnx and Lynthia to make sushi and very tempted to do it.

Woke up damn early to go back to sleep again 'cause it was too early... Then, went out to have breakfast and shopping for extra ingredient for the sushi. Crabstick... Roasted clams... seaweed...

So...the sushi making took place at Lynn's house.

After the preparation work, we started to make the sushi... Lynthia is the only one who has experience of rolling the sushi so she did most of the rolling. She thought that the two of us have some experience... yea, sure, i have 'visual' experience... haha...Erm... I tried to roll one roll... err.. hehe.. let's not talk about it.
Ahh... I contributed a bit of Unagi for the ingredient and made rice squares to put the unagi piece on the top... We continue to make more and more till we have two plateful of sushi.
Our sushi is very... pretty... 'cause Lynnx decorated the sushi. And that is a smiley face on a rice ball made by Lynnx... The eyes and the mouth is of clams... hehe.. cute, yea?
Btw, I decided to be more healthy this year so I decided to eat Vitamin C... So I bought a bottle of 30 tablets... I thought it should be at least three quarter full... But it was just half bottle full. There is 30 tablets inside...but gosh... the packaging is so misleading...
And... you can read more about the sushi-making adventure from lynnx and Lynthia.

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Sherp said...

i havent seen this!
i saw it in lingdi blog tho..
BUT its soo awesome!
yum yum