Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shower my laptop

Erm... sort of busy now.. doing stuff...

Been busy since a few hours ago... I was multi-tasking. Watching CSI while doing my stuff on the laptop. Then, it got a bit too gross and scary so I switch to watching a show called 'Mash Up! Musio'

I was drinking water while watching the show...and due to the funny thing that the host said, I showered my laptop with a mouthful of water.

Haha....Paise... Seems like have nothing much to blog about...

Oh! Suddenly remember that I promised JWei that I will blog about him.

My poor brother. He got his foot all swollen up since last week and has been going for treatment at this 'Tit Tar' center that even has its own website. JWei specifically wants me to say the total cost of his treatments to date (and should be final figure) is RM400 which also includes transportation costs.

By the way, why take pic with the clock? To show his dear sister, me, how cute his alarm clock is. Cute hor? Told him to get one for me too but he said it is at Tesco and it is too far... Sweat.. Like that no need lor.... Cheap, you know... RM 9.60 only... So cute somemore... I want... :P

Since I am blogging about JWei, I might as well show another photo. This is JWei's notice board in his room. The red card there is the Chinese New Year card that I gave him because he couldnt spend his Chinese New Year in Miri for another year again (last year also didnt come back to celebrate). Wrote a whole loads of stuff in that card. Oi! JWei, study hard hard ar!

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Sherp said...

Yahs! he told me about his foot, poor jwei!! :/
when you said showered your laptop coz of funny scene.
... hahaa made me laugh too :P