Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Squeezing out the time to do this

Hmm... I guess it is time for some serious blog posting.
First of all, my house has guests again. The neighbour's dogs. I guess they finally realised that the wire mesh thingy is no longer there so they are free to come into the compound again. At first, they just lie under the car (as shown in the pic)

But, they decided to dig holes and lie in it. Big problem. There are soil all over the place because they will shake it off when they come out of the holes... I have put up the wire mesh thingy again.

Last week, on the 19th, I went to have dinner at Fratini Piccollo. Sort of a farewell dinner for a friend. Just the three girls.

The place is sort of empty. We were the only customers and then we became one of the two tables of customers. The amount of food that we devoured was... a lot. We kept joking that the employees of the restaurant is betting that we will not be able to finish the food. Those are Ceasar's Salad, Tiger Prawn Ravioli, Avocado Cream Soup and Marinara Pizza. We actually wanted to get a dessert as well but fortunately we didnt ordered it in the beginning 'cause we were too stuffed to eat anymore.

Ah... the fire. Sherp commented that I still have time to take pics when the incident happened. Truthfully, no one wanted to go near the back of the office at that time so we all stood at the front of the office space looking at the fire thru the back door. No one knows what to do besides looking at the fire. Come to think it... we were sort of in a dangerous position. The windows are all cracked due to the heat from the fire. The aircond's outdoor units are destroyed. Later, it was discovered that we had a aerosol can on the cabinet near the back window. If the fire has been any longer or any hotter, the aerosol can could have blown up. Gasp! We have moved such dangerous item to a safer location.

Just to show how damaged are the aircond's outdoor units. The one at the bottom right is not our office's... The smaller upper right is outs. It is totally destroyed and it is just two days old. A new aircond addition that was just installed two days before the fire. A total loss.

Just to let you guys know... My forehead, at this moment, feels like something is pressing it and it is really bothersome.. I think I will eat some panadol before I sleep.


Sherp said...

Tiger Prawn Ravioli!
Mmm sounds nice!

As for the fire, hmm, u guys were definitely in such a dangerous position because u all just stood there watching ... .. shud hav ran out hehe..

drink lots of water yea, im currently quite ill as well. :/

lynnx01 said...

Forgot to tell you to try ibuprofen if your headache persists.

lynnwei said...

dont!! dogs are good..they only come when they think u're kind and good!!! they wont go to houses with ppl that are evil! ahahha

plus, my mommy say dogs that come to ur house brings prosperity! ahah...tho to be, prosperity only comes from God! ahah

look at my house..last time got gou gou, now hei gou...which already become PR and then now xiao gou!!!

yay!! i cant wait to go back and see the dogs...i hope the white one...from the house we stayed in will to bath him! he's so.....erm..bugs

g0hy|3 said...

sherp, Tiger Prawn Ravioli is just a nice name. the food itself isnt that great.
A colleague of mine did see a person from next door office ran out carrying his/her laptop and bag, appearing to be in a hurry to escape from the place. We all found that to be very hilarious. :p
I am recovering and will continue to be under 'sort of' strict diet to make sure I will not get sick.

Lynnx, two panadols and sleeping in an aircond room seems to help. I am speculating that the headache is due to PMS.

lynnwei, the wire mesh didnt work. they managed to squeeze themsleves in again... i didnt scold them or shoo them out... which i think it already very nice of me. just want to keep my compound clean and hole-less.