Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I want RM88 to be 888

ok... I actually didnt know about this contest...till the previous hour. Which means I am way behind other ppl.. hehe...anyhow, I decided to give it a try...

1. Advertlets has a new ad campaign for a new client that will run in multiple countries. Guess how many countries will it be running in?
I have absolutely no idea...but i am taking a guess... 6 countries? Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia, United States and the United Kingdom?

2. February 14 is a significant date. As I am single this year, what will me and the Advertlets team most likely be spending the next few late nights working on, and announcing/launching on Feb 14? Hint: Most relationships are based on one person and how many parties?
Erm... Erm...a new payout system for us, the bloggers?

3. When was Advertlets founded, and what will we most likely launch on our first anniversary?
Advertlets... founded on March 9th, 2007 ... it makes me wonder if launching also means founded... I hope it is right... What will be most likely to launch on this joyous first anniversary? Err.... Advertlets 2.0 perhaps...

may i just add that I am doing this while attempting to achieve a perfect home-made french manicure using my newly-purchased rock purple nail polish... will blog about this later... aiks.. suddenly dunno if I shud be emailing this to advertlets... :p


Sherp said...

wen will u find out results?
hav u done it d?

< u3! y!nG > said...

Me too. I found out 3 hours after the due date. How stupid. Just because I live outside Malaysia, I am so behind. Even more behind than you, ning jie.