Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is the first time I actually take such detailed pics of a chocolate bar.

Bought three bars of Kit Kat during my September's Singapore Trip. Dont remember? Refer to Part One, Two, Three and Four. Not advisable for people who are hungry though.

Anyways... I forgot about the Kit Kats till now... These Kit Kats arent just any normal Kit Kat bars. They are Macha Kit Kat, 61% Cocoa Kit Kat and Brandy & Orange Kit Kat.

So... tonight I got Lynthia and Lynna to try out the Macha Kit Kat. Ohya! I forgot to mention that I bought the Kit Kats from this store at this shopping place at Clarke Quay that sells Japanese products. The reason why I specifically bought these Kit Kats is because Yuanz has bought this Sakura Kit Kat for me once and then it started my mild obsession to try different Kit Kat... So far, in my memory, I have tried Sakura... Fruiti Tutti... Lemon Cheesecake?Cuppocino? Dont remember liaw...Oh! and lynnwei ever blog about Kit Kat too... So... enjoy the many pictures of a Kit Kat bar... Oh! Forgot to mention again... this Macha Kit Kat is actually green tea Kit Kat. Why Macha? That is how green tea is called in Japan....

The front

The back

Sideway look

The inside

The inside again

Ooo...the Kit Kat bar

Really got the dark and light green stripes la!!

So, how does it taste like? It has a really nice fragrance and it taste a little like chocolate. I wouldnt mind eating it again.

Btw... I just saw Tohoshinki on NHK Japan... Hehe... Out of the blue, I decided to switch to NHK 'cause I didnt know which channel it is now on Astro. And I saw them!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!! Of course, I have no idea what they are talking except that they did discuss something about Junsu's oyagi gags... and how he is feeling the pressure to keep up the oyagi gags so he decides not to do the gags anymore.... that is as much as I can make out from the short interview. Then, I enjoyed the live performance of Purple Line.... Below is the exact cut of the show I saw on NHK...Hehe.. I have downloaded the video. :p

p/s: Nanotay, I will call you to try out the other two Kit Kats. Hehe...
p/p/s: I just want to mention that I nearly die of suffocation when I saw Tohoshinki on NHK...on Astro...on my tv... It is not often that I can see Tohoshinki on tv le... And out of the blue somemore... Nearly cannot breath le... :p
p/p/p/s: Went to YB Boss' house at 630pm for the CNY open house...left at 7.50pm...


lynnx01 said...

I thought Macha as in the Indian way of calling "brother" or something like that. HAhahah!

< u3! y!nG > said...

Har? now, i want to eat kit kat.. got angpaos ka? :P

sherp said...

i wan kitkat!! :O green kitkat!

g0hy|3 said...

lynnx01, err... sweat.

ueiying, hehe.. go see if london has any special kitkat... angpao? for myself, yes. haha...

sherp, i get you the normal ones, want?