Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing 2008 - 08.08.08

Ah... This is BIG. HUGE.
I am a person who doesn't watch sports. In fact, I can even fall asleep watching most sports. Some more, I am not an athletic person but this is not the point. Point is that I do enjoy watching the opening and closing ceremony.
On 08.08.08, the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 began. I was... playing rummy while watching the ceremony. I like the way they made everything so extravagant. Then again, it is Olympic. If it is not extravagant, then what's the point?

I think that that performance is quite creative. I didnt see any other pics of the performances that I particular like and remember on the official site. Only this one pic caught my attention. So only put one lor. Hmmm...Actually wanted to comment something but decided not to because it seems to be complicated to explain.

Ah... I remember buying the handphone hanger thingy and a pencil case during my trip to Shanghai in 2006. I bought HuanHuan and YingYing's handphone hanger thingy and regretted I didnt buy the full set when I returned from the trip. Erm...But I didnt have enough budget to buy the full set at that time. So what to do?

Right now, I still have the handphone hangers. YingYing is still in its packaging while HuanHuan is looking kind of old because I used it before. :p

Ah! I also absolutely love the song Beijing Huan Ying Ni by various artist.

Btw, if you have noticed that for the years I have blogged, my number of posts for each year is repetitious, from 109 in 2005 to 120 in 2006 to 109 in 2007. Please refer to Blog Archive. But then, this 2008, I have reached post total of 102 in August. Which means if I want to maintain this pattern, I can only have total post of 120. Which means that I can only post 18 more blog post. 18 posts in 4 months. About 4 posts each month. Wahlau! I think you all will be so bored. Haha... So, think I should keep to the pattern or not le?


Sherp said...

nah.. pattern was just coincidence right? so ... more post la. but then.. if 4 post each month. tat means.. once a week. sth i'd do oo.. not too hard :P

g0hy|3 said...

Well, 2007 was sort of intentional and also sort of coincidence. It was my final post and the number was just right. So I purposely didnt post any post to keep to the number. Erm..Based on previous years posting frequency, the final few months are the months I posted the most blog post so..once a week is not good enough lor.

We shall wait and see if I can keep to the pattern