Saturday, August 30, 2008


Your-ro-bun aka Everyone in korean, this is the first Saturday of the many Satrudays that I dont have to work. I slept early last night (surprised?) and woke up the usual time I wake up for work everyday. I feel so... clueless of what to do today. Probably I should go sleep somemore since the weather is so cool this morning. It is kind of cloudy today and it is a prefect weather to sleep late. But my body is not cooperating so... Here I am... Still thinking of what to do.

Last week, I decided to zhng my external hard disk. Honestly, I wanted more to zhng the digital camera but it is not possible because the digital camera is a shared property. I think I will get killed if I really zhng it. Ah! By zhng, I mean to stick the glittery stones on it. So, intead of the digital camera, I decided to stick the stones on my external hard disk. Cause I am itching to stick the stones somewhere.
Yesterday, as I was on my way to work in the morning, I spotted two rainbows. It reminded me of the double rainbows that Xiaxue saw at Texas. Ok la, the one I saw isnt as pretty as hers but I never see such thing in Miri wat.
Yesterday, I went to eat at Shiki with LeeXuen. The sashimi is quite fresh and they have sliced quite thick slices for us (yea!!). I miss Excapade so much now. I wonder if I will be able to dine at Excapade before I head to Korea next week. Hmmm...
The washing machine has finished cleaning the laundry, I think. Time to get everything hang to dry. I shall continue to contemplate on what I should for this long weekend holidays. Monday is a holiday because of National Day falls on Sunday. So...



Sherp said...

oooooooo. the sashimi!! yummm..

your-ro-bun? hows my pronounciation? :p
erm, busurimalia. sth like tat. i keep hearing them say that in dramas.

shiro = no
bo?! = what
chingu = friend


ღAmandaa said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! NINGJIE! Bring me along to Korea. :/

wahh, the rainbowS.

g0hy|3 said...

Sherp, busurimalia - I always hear that too... But I cant recall what it means. I think I am more receptive to japanese. Hehe...

Amanda, I wish I can bring you along. Hehe... The rainbows. Pretty, huh?

ღAmandaa said...

Korea korea korea!! lol. :/

Have an enjoyable trip! :D

Sherp said...

ya ya, 2 more days!! *excited*

g0hy|3 said...

Ahhh... Two more days... and then I will internet-less. I hope I will be able to find somewhere to online. :P


ღAmandaa said...

ningjieeeeee, what are you doing now in Korea? heheheheh :P