Saturday, August 09, 2008

Forced To

Erm..I am still recovering from flu. At this moment, I think it is almost gone. I still have a bit of mucus situation left. Expecting it to be completely healed by tomorrow. It might get worse though. :p

Mum told me about the seminar that will be held in Miri today a few days ago. The seminar that I have attended before in Sibu. Remember this? She wanted me to get more people to go by asking my friends... I asked the few ones that I think will be interested to go and ended up with none wanting to go. I thought maybe I will be able to escape from attending the seminar. Who knows... Mum actually got me a last-minute ticket so I have to go as well. Sigh... I actually fell asleep twice during the seminar today. I wanted to sleep this afternoon to replenish my energy and to recover from the flu so I guess no one should blame me from falling asleep.

Then... there was a blackout and I guess the hotel's generator cannot generate enough power to power its air-conditioning and dining area. So, we had to eat our food in the semi-darkness...macam candlelight dinner le...not romantic though. :p

Resumed after one day break. I actually fell asleep typing this on my bed the day before. I even automatically reposition myself to my usual sleeping position.

Anyways... Second day of the seminar and I still no better. I fell asleep again.. Dont blame me. Unless it is something very interesting, otherwise I will not pay attention at all. Somemore, I already have the expectation to sleep on the weekend. To replenish what lack of sleep and to give my body the rest I needed. But then, I ended up sitting for hours for a seminar I have attended.

These people are so crazy le. I dont understand why do they want to keep hearing the same old thing over and over again. And then, there is that testimonial session. During that session, they indirectly advertised the products the company is selling. Not only that, they also kept telling and reminding you that it is by fate and extreme good luck that you are able to join this seminar. And then they will also say that the RM150 for this seminar is totally worth it. All these talks get on my nerves. I dont like it at all.

Yawn... Guess what? Despite of wanting to sleep early, I am staying up late again. Not good. Ok lah... Must remember to extract the pics from the digicam and also to take pics of things I bought recently...

Good night. Oyasuminasai!

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