Sunday, August 24, 2008


I will be lying if I said that I am not excited about going to Korea. In fact, I will be raving about it till I go there. I can't think of anything else but going there.

For my preparation, I have decided that I need to get a few things.
- A jacket/coat to keep me warm and also to hide my fatty arms
- A new pair of sneakers. But I have sort of decided not to. Just use my old ones.
- Three pairs of new socks. My old socks all gone missing. Btw, Miri dont have Sox World anymore issit?
- Straighten my hair. It is one curly mess and I wouldnt take a pic with it. So, I must straighten it.
- Exchange some Korean Won so that I have spending money in Korea. I have an estimated amount that I want to exchange which I just found that it is actually twice the amount my Mum want to bring herself. Hmm... Maybe I should cut down my budget. See how.

So far, my jacket/coat is still in the searching process. I cant find any satisfactory jacket/coat. It is getting frustrating.

Fortunately, I have one good news to make me happy. When I mentioned to my Dad that I will be straightening my hair, he offered to sponsor me!! Yea~! I didnt even ask for it and I get to save some more money... Muahaha...

And so... I went to straighten my hair today. To be honest, I am feeling indifferent towards it. But one Sidney Sheldon book is good enough to make me concentrate on the story and not on the whole long process. The straightening process only took about four hours plus this time. Perhaps it is because they are more professional and skilled so they can do faster. Dunno lor... I even get two free sample-sized treatment cream to use on my hair to give it moisture.

Ah... Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony tonight... Hmmm... Have to go check what time is it...


Sherp said...

yay! i get hyper whenever i read how excited u are, as if im going there pula. :P i saw london one for the closing ceremony

g0hy|3 said...

hehe... I am so excited that i am sort of just waiting for the day to arrive... I dont know what to know what i mean... the anticipation...

I fell asleep at the near end of the whole ceremony. hehe