Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This place is on my top spot to go eat meals nowadays. Err...There are a few reasons why it is number one.

One is because I like the ambience.
Two is because it is still a new place. Kind of sick of other places.
Three is because the owner whom sister-in-law is a friend of mine.
Four is...I cant think of anything else.

Went there for lunch today with LeeSia. We ordered three dishes to share.

They are Chicken Burger, Seafood Breadbowl and Chicken Cheese Baked Rice. Names of dishes are exactly the same with the names in Citrus menu because I forgot the exact name. :p

Just so happen that I have brought along digicam to work today. So I were able to capture pretty food pics... Hehe...

Sherp, I tried out the macro shot for the pics... I think only the chicken burger one look very nice. The other two I was rushing thru the pic-taking so ended up doesnt look very 'macro'

Ah! The shop has a few additions. I like this particular painting. So sweet!


Sherp said...

i think can say quite macro la.. the chips and the burger one looks really nice, as u said.. but the one below it also really good! :D ah citrus reminds me of so funny camwhoring times

g0hy|3 said...


Lynthia has engaged me for another Citrus session. Hehe... So, I am going to attempt to take more pics.

Miss you!