Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Freshly-washed Hair

I love the feel of my hair at the moment. It is so smooth and silky and best of all, it is clean. Went to get a hair wash just now. I love the lady for being able to blow dry my hair to a lovely tidiness.

Anyways... Currently also sufferring from flu and possibly cough. Didnt drink enough water for the past few days and also sleeping at ungodly hours as well. My body decided to protest.

The past few days has been an awesome gastronomical holiday.

Basically, just eat eat eat and eat. All the eating has caused my weight and waistline to increase. Cham!

Need to show this. The famous sherperd pie. Got the chance to taste it again.

I have quite a number of food pictures and the beautiful pics are taken by Sherp. To show her skill... Please refer to the following pic. Delicious?

Ah! I have a new handphone hanger thingy... Hello Kitty!!

Ah! Jumping picture. The famous jumping picture. This is something that I didnt think will happen but it did. Sherp and Nanotay doing the jumping pic at the 3rd Floor, Bintang Plaza.

1 comment:

Sherp said...

the fun memories!!!
the awesome times we had!
the yummy food, the various errands, the outings, the night ins...
thank you ningjie! it was a great time. i didnt think i'd be laughing non-stop after the saddest farewell. but u guys made it happen..
take care of urself.
me loves u lots