Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bully case in Miri

Heard this yesterday...

A StCo girl got beaten up by StJoe's girls. Didnt watch the alleged video and so I thought that the girl was beaten up pretty badily. Was very curious to watch the video.

This morning, I finally got to watch the video but without the sounds. Even without the sound. I found it to be very fake. Maybe it is the truth, I am not so sure. But to me, it DOES look very fake. The ppl around the area are doing nothing but watching the whole thing happen.

Suspicion that it is to attract instant popularity was raised by lynnx while we were on our way to Parkson just now. I believe that to be the truth. These people want to have instant popularity so they did this.

Rumours about the truth of this bully case are spreading around. My office version is that the girl who got beaten owed the leader of the girls who beat her up some cash and when she cant pay the money, they beat her up. My cousin has two versions. Version One is that the girl who got beaten was talking so bad gossip about the three girls and so they got her to the alleged place to ask her about it but end up beating her up. Version Two is that they happen to go past there and heard the girl who got beaten critised them openly so to revenge, thus, the bully case.

What tickles me about this situation is how the cameraman can film all of this and put it on the web. And he even commented that the whole thing didnt even reached 5 minutes when the boys stepped in to to stop the whole situation.

Argh! It's none of my business anyway.

Btw, if it is really instant popularity they looking for, they found it. The price the girls has to pay for it is not small either. They got kicked out of school. Record permanently flawed.

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