Saturday, July 08, 2006

Unusual Saturday

As usual, I got ready to go to work and considering whether to go over to Lynn's place. When I drove past Lynn's place, I knew the time is not enough. So I just drove off to go to work thru Tanjung Road...I guess after being too comfortable with my drivng skill and rainy day, it finally hit me back in the face.

At the corner in front of Samling, I lost control of the car, skidded and got stuck on the cement in front of Park City Everly Hotel. In that few seconds of losing control, I just went
'Wad?! Shit! Aaaaaaa....!'
I didnt suffer any injury. Phew! But the car....Hand shaking, Mind confused... I struggled to remember who for help.

Ok la...Not so bad la...Just the tyre rim nia la... I started to feel ok after fifteen minutes of waiting. Looking at all those kaypo faces of ppl who drove past my car. Passing time by taking pics of the car and talking to myself. Got my cousin to come and help me to tow my car out of its 'difficult' situation and sent me to work.

During lunch time, went to eat claypot dishes with rice. Although the claypot dishes are meant for one single person, the three of us, karen, thomas and i ended sharing each claypot dish with each other.

After that, I have no idea why but Thomas and I kept on 'jio' Karen to go to Shiki..So, off we went. We bought two types of sushi... Avocado and Soft-Shelled Crab Sushi and Squid Sushi...

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