Thursday, July 13, 2006

On Leave!!

It feels good to be on leave!! Finally!!
After three months of hard work, it is finally time to relax. To begin the celebration, a three-day off from office is required for rejuvenation.

I am completely drained of energy and spirit. I think it is miracle that I havent gone completely sick.

I am making a resolution that I will work my butt off and be super serious about my work next year 'cause I dun want to be so super tired at the end of the due date due to the never-ending list of assignments. This year, it really sucks because we rushed till half-dead to finish everything (almost). A lot of client's things are still lying around in the office. Comparing this with last year, this year, we are in such a big mess.

I have a huge upset about something in my office. I just hope that it will not happen again next year.

Anyway..a few other things... to thank Chai for the bird nest drink she gave me...Hehe...Not sure if it did any good to me though...

Secondly..I got my hair cut and straighten half of my is really a last minute decision. I lost a lot of hair...So far, my only concern is that I cant tie or clip my hair which is a nuisance because the hair kept on covering over my eyes..

Tomorrow, I will need to do a lot of things because all the things have been delayed for a few months...

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