Friday, July 28, 2006


Ain't my dad cute?
One fine morning, he rummaged thru his cupboard to find this photo of him looking out a window when he was little. At first he found two family portraits. He was a little disappointed when he discovered that the portraits arent what he is looking for. Then, he was so excited when he found what he was looking for. Then, he curiously found another portrait and ponder for a second and said outloud 'Ei! Your mum's family portrait le. Shud hang it up or not le? Aiya...If hang up mine and dun hang up hers, ur mum surely will get mad at me le' Then after that, he asked me to bring the four photos downstairs. When I said that I have not even brush my teeth ('cause I just woke up), he enthusiastically carried the photos down himself. When I went downstairs, I found him finding a right place to hang his potrait. Btw, he didnt hang the family potraits.

I just cant resist taking picture of that crab claw. Went to eat butter crab with Lynns on Tuesday. Only choose two big crabs which weighted around 1 kilogram plus altogether. Oh! Another calories-ladden meal.. I think I not only suffer of obesity but also high cholesterol...

Recently, the office is swept by a tidal wave of Jack and Jill's craze. We are crazy about eating Jack and Jill's. Not only because it is on sale right now, but also because of the cute little football jerseys for handphone deco. Although World Cup is all over, this cute little thing is just too cute to resist. I got that Australian jersey from HuiLing.

Finally...I just cant help it. But I really want to put this up...Haha...

Let me be a bit poetic...Not very sure if it rhymes...Well, I dont care...

Cough Cough

My love for you grow stronger day after day
You understand me like no one else does

Hehe...I cant continue le...Oh well... :P

Oh! End of craziness...Back to updating!

Went to do audit work this week. Really excited about going out to audit. Somehow, I still managed to get to work late. Haha... It is so mind-boggling when I saw the amount of documents the client has. But I got used to it pretty fast and understand most of the things. There is still some of the stuff I still dont get it. Hope that I will understand it in the future.

Got my CPA stuff on Tuesday... Financial Accounting. Time to study!

Seminar on Public Listing on Thursday at Park City Everly Hotel. Finding myself falling asleep during the afternoon session. Sigh...

It is a good feeling to be away from office and still working. There is so much freedom to be out of the office. But thinking of the amount of filing I need to do. Hmmm! I have to do all the filing fast!

Looking forward to :
- Finishing the filing work at office...Serious!
- Bekenu lunch tomorrow
- Riam School Concert tomorrow
- Audit work on Monday
- a trip to Brunei. I miss Mum and Dad


ManDaGoh said...

aaaa!~ My crab ler?? Promise want to bring me liaO le..LolX.. the next round i book O..

Sherp said...

Ah Ning, when u book, must give some to me.. if not then eat for me! eat extra helpings!! you too ning jie... not fair ba.. i wanna eat T.T

g0hy|3 said...

I will bring all of you to eat in December so everyone can have their share.

Sherp, let me know when u guys can confirm your date of arrival in Malaysia. That way I can apply my leave early.

ManDaGoh said...

Sure will help you eat de..ahhaha