Monday, July 31, 2006

Addiction to Food

I am addicted to food.

My addiction to food is getting ridiculous.

Last Saturday, nine of us went to Bekenu to have lunch. Just a normal lunch at Bekenu. To drive such a long distance to have lunch...
Scrumptious King Prawn

Cangkuk Manis with Egg, Tutu Fish, & Deer Meat

To eat Tutu Fish is our main purpose. Not bad...Somehow, I was yearning of "Zhi Kak" fish when I devour the Tutu Fish. "Zhi Kak" steamed to perfection....Yum!
I am so ungrateful le...To think of other fish when I am eating a really nice one...Sigh...

Bought more Jack and Jill's the other day. Opened all three packets in one afternoon and, I didnt finish it all...I put it in a container. Today, I bought two more packets. I am going to be killed by Mum if she sees it. :P

Then, I have a craving to make jelly. So I bought the material to make jelly. Just a ten minutes of work, actually. Hehe... One night of freezing and I have a Lychee flavoured jelly. Yum Yum

I added canned lychee so that it will not be so plain...And I bought another two packets of jelly material so that I can make more. Hoho! I am going to make more!!!

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