Friday, July 14, 2006

Vanity has a price to pay

When I went to straighten my hair, I was only thinking of how great I will look after that. It is something like another one of my impulse buying. I really need to put a stop to my this crazy impulses.

While I was in the process of hair straightening, I have my hair (more like my whole head) steamed with the straightening formula. It didnt bother me at first. But the heat got too unbearable that I was looking around frantically for help. But my stylist was nowhere to be seen. My scalp felt as if it was been steamed and was boiling. My brain might have been half-cooked if it is not of my skull...When my stylist finally came over to have a look, I was praying really hard that he will not subject me to another session of hair steaming. If there is another session, I will tell him that I dont want one and I will cry if he insist. Yes, it is that serious.

It has been a few days after the painful process...The damaged skin cells of my scalp is coming off as if I have a serious case of dandruff.

Today is my first day off. I overslept for my facial appointment. And I didnt do complete everything I planned to do. I told Mum that I will clean the house up tomorrow but I am not very sure I will really do it. Haha! Too much boasting. I dunno where to start actually. There is too much to clean up...

I think I have gotten used to the coolness in the office that staying at home with the fan on is becoming too warm for me. Maybe i should consider moving to a cooler country...haha...

The bird nest drink Chai gave me...

My new hair cut

Seafood Fried Rice - had it with Lee Sia at Golden Pot

LeeSia's Mongolian Lamb

Had lunch with LeeSia at Golden Pot the other day. She used to be my dad's office lady. I hang out a lot with her and learn a lot of stuff from her. We can talk about everything and anything. I think part of the reason why we can always pour our hearts out is because the ppl we hang out with is different and so there is no need to hold back our words.

Currently feeling very cool because I have the aircond switched on...Haha

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