Monday, July 03, 2006

Monotonous Monday

I guess after a few weeks of battle at the office, I am tired. Who am I kidding? If I still can continue battling on, I am one crazy machine. Battling non-stop for about 15 hours for five days straight is enough to drain my energy to zero. My ammo is my handphone.

I thought the battle is won but I didnt not anticipate the after-effect of the battle. The trauma on my body.

My forehead is still feeling as if it is in constant numbness. No amount of sleep can replace the amount of sleep lost in the past few weeks.

Today is a new week and I am supposed to complete whatever that is still left. The tiredness is still there. I cant concentrate if things kept on bothering me.

No overtime for me today. I want to relax at home. Eat some home-cooked meal. Thanks to Aunt Nora. I really appreaciate it.

Last but not least, I miss Grandma a lot.

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Sherp said...

i will not cry again.... but i miss Grandma a lot too