Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am back from my shopping trip at KL.... Just finished unpacking and taking the necessary photos of things for wgtgfashion.

Forgot to bring my handphone's USB port line to get the photos from my handphone so I will not be posting any photos yet.

Anyways... my total expenditure for this KL trip including accommodation, airfare, food and shopping is probably around RM 1,500. I havent really counted the whole amount properly. Quite happy with what I have bought although I hope that I have bought more. I didnt get some of things I wanted... actually, a lot of things that I want I didnt get... reason? couldnt find it and sometimes couldnt afford it. :p

Ok...got to sleep now. Will try and do a complete report on my trip tomorrow... including doing a report on what I bought at wgtgfashion.

p/s: saykoko, burnt three more dramas. my friend doesnt have any 'cause his collection was deleted by his sister. :p Hope 5 dramas are enough for the time being. I will get some more from him in the future and perhaps when you are here during July, I will give it to you...
p/p/s: lynnwei, the csi series you want are done. I will include a special dvd for you. :p
p/p/p/s: my clubbox has reverted back to its old slow speed. Thanks to my mum and younger brother. Switched it off when it is just less than one day old. Argh! It needs time to build up the downloading speed privilege. Darn!


Lynnwei said...

wa..thank u ning jie!!!wat special dvd? ekkeke..yay!!!

erm...what series u burn for yiyi? i got some here thta i've watched..mayb can bring over!
is she interested in china dramas? haha....nvm..shall ask her!

< u3! y!nG > said...

Wow.. yea yea, bring some over. I am sure mum will want to watch too. Maybe can burn those if mum and sherp really want to watch them. Or I can just transfer them to my hard disk.