Thursday, January 31, 2008

I won!!

Guess what? These two lottery tickets are actually 4th place winner... Hehe.. before u get all excited about how much I win, let me tell you that the total winning for these two tickets combined together is merely RM 6.00. Hehe....
Check the stack of Toto lottery tickets today...after ignoring it for a few days... usually will check it on the draw night...
Anyways... the answer to my previous question... DQ, you got the answer right! well, sort of... 'cause I cant exactly wear two of the three rings... Lynnx, I know I have fat fingers (eyes looking somewhere else while saying that and muttering curses in my heart) :p
It is actually some sort to say how small is her fingers.... please ignore the fact that my fingers are fat... I believe the smallest size she can wear is size 3... which, by the way, is ridiculously small... Like kid's finger, u know!!
-.- ok, that was so 'wu liaw'
Update... update... I am sick again. Darn! Fever again.


lynnx01 said...

Aiyo, when I say "fat fingers" I am impying myself too lar. Anyway, I think I better rephrase it to "big metacarpal bones"

Sherp said...

ning jie! why are u sick again!! *grim line setting on lips*
haha get better oo!
rm6.00 also a gd win :D
and we saw the tvxq concert u burnt to lynnwei jie.
just saw abt 10mins of it tho.