Sunday, January 06, 2008


*Jumping jumping jumping*

Woke up quite early today... I woke up as soon as the alarm started to go off.

Immediately went to my laptop to check the ClubBox... Hehe...

Yea, baby~! Hontoni Sugoi Ne! 3 out of 5 files completed and it happened when I was in Dreamland. So happy that I added 12 more files to download. :p

Ganbatte kudasai, ClubBox!

p/s: Sherp & Lynthia, is my Japanese romanisation correct? I just agak-agak only.
p/p/s: Lynnwei, CSI and CSI:NY - both only left one more episode to download.
p/p/p/s: Saykoko, two hongkong dramas done and more to come - will get more from Kelvin on Monday.
p/p/p/p/s: I just heard a new song by Tohoshinki titled Rainbow. :p


Vera said...

I am waiting patiently for the HK dramas, keep it up and you will be rewarded soon!!! hahaha

Lynnwei said... that jap drama? keek...nice? mayb can burn for me! hoho!!!

ning jie, u got burn steps and drive of life for yiyi?


p/s can remove the picture code below? ahaha