Thursday, January 17, 2008

KL Trip

Apologies for the delay. Currently not feeling so well. Should be the result of dehydration. Well, better late than never.

Here goes....

LS and I stayed with LS's friend for our first night so we went straight to her friend's condo as soon as we find that her friend wasn't at home. Her friend actually wanted to surprise us but she came back too late.
Anyways, after a short rest, we went to The Curve. Can I just mention how hungry I was at that time? It was about 2.30pm and we hadn't have our lunch yet. We finally sat down at Thai Express and ordered our food. Everything looks so yummy when one is hungry... I ordered myself a Lime Rose Drink. Quite refreshing, I must say.

LS and I shared our food: Pineapple Rice and Tom Yam Chicken with Glass Noodle. The Tom Yam Chicken is very nice while the Pineapple Rice is normal. LS's friend said that the pineapple rice in a half-pineapple when she ate it last time. Looks like it has shrunk to just two pieces of pineapple at the side. :p
After lunch, we went shopping in the Curve. Nothing interesting about that... Hehe... Initially, I wanted to window-shop at Ikea but the time seems to be very limited so we only shopped at The Curve and Ikano Power Centre. After that, we did stop by Ikea for ice cream and curry puff.
The ice cream is really yummy. So yummy. Different than McD.

After more shopping, it is time for dinner. We actually considered to whether use the free shuttle to go home first then find something to eat nearby or to eat first then use the final free shuttle to go home. We chose to eat first. Our dinner place is Ketam Village's The Steamboat. I had the curry chicken steamboat... Very fulfilling.

It was a really tiring day. We made it in time for the free shuttle and... I fell asleep. I just fell asleep sitting next to a stranger playing his PSP. I know that it is dangerous but gosh... I didnt know I was that tired.

Hmm... The highlight of Day One is seeing this.

A..drawful...stackful...of TVXQ/Tohoshinki's albums and singles. Drooling...drooling... Not all of their albums and singles though but most of them. The record store also sell the All About TVXQ season 2 DVD which costs RM 299.00. Did I buy it? Of course not. No budget la.

Day Two. We left the condo and moved to our hotel. Before that... food again. Breakfast. Pan Mee...
Our accommodation for the remaining days at KL..Replica Inn. A relatively new inn. The room is awfully small but just enough for the two of us. The picture of our room on this billboard is very deceiving...Our room is so small compared to the picture. Btw, our room is not shown in the picture I took here.
We started our shopping frenzy with a hair wash. Hehe... Both of us were too lazy to wash our hair so we resorted to washing it at the hair salon. Lunch... we decided to have Teppanyaki. It is quite nice except for the constant worrying for dirtying our newly-washed hair...The cooking happening right in front of us... Hmm... :p
Oh... the curry fishballs and meaty fishballs are really nice. We had it at the stall outside Low Yat Plaza. A Hong Kong-inspired.... Stall name is Hong Kong Food Culture, I think.
For dinner, we had Sushi King.... Sashimi and Udon... A little disappointed with the choice they offered. Guess I have gotten used to the variety at Excapade...

Day Two, we had went thru BB Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza, Pavilion, Low Yat Plaza, Lot 10 and Times Square... not very throughly la... We planned to shop more throughly at BB Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza on our final day.

So...What is the highlight of Day Two? Me splurging on a few facial masks at this shop which imports Korean beauty products. My obsession with Korean beauty products. :p
Day 3. We went to Mid Valley. Both of us were too 'heaty' inside. Didnt drink enough water. So, the best way to cool off the 'heat' is to drink orange juice in the morning, according to LS. After more shopping, I decided that I must have Carl's Jr burger no matter what. Feeling still quite full, I ate a Bacon Swiss Burger while LS munched on the fries. My initial plan to eat Portbello Mushroom Burger btw... but they sold out!!
Dennis joined me for shopping.... and LS's friend brought another friend with her. We basically walked around some more... at the Gardens. My legs were very sore by that time. But what to do? Walk some more lo....LS's friend's friend treated us dinner at the food court. He actually wanted to treat us to Kim Gary but LS's friend wouldnt allow him to do so. So, food court it is. I cant explain how pitiful is LS's friend's friend... both LS and I think that LS's friend bullied him too much. :p

Anyways...LS's friend spent the night with LS and I.

Day Three's highlight... Hmm... the confused and pitiful look on LS's friend's friend. Really!

When two best friends meet up after a long time, they will talk non stop. LS and her friend slept at 4am because they chatted non stop while I slept like a pig at the side of the bed undisturbed... :p

Day Four. Sunway Pyramid. The first thing to do each morning is food. Day 4's brunch is Genki Sushi. Because we were so hungry, we also eat from the conveyor belt and ordered a bowl of soba and a bowl of udon. And... ended feeling very very full...
Our dessert is green tea ice cream that we shared among each other. We each also bought the green tea powder to make green tea ourselves at home. :p

After a little walk around, LS's friend's bf came to pick us up and off we go to 1Utama. LS and I shopped by ourselves to let the two lovebirds have their alone time.

Btw, I cant resist buying this Papa Beard's Puff. 'Cause I remember JWei buying it the previous time I was at KL. Yummy...Before we go back to our hotel, we had a late night supper. Beef noodle. Not the usual type. I like this better than the usual one. The soup is really sweet and has the beef flavour in it. :p
Highlight of Day 4.... the fridge magnets I bought... So cute!!! Kawaii Ne!! Have already asked Laura to get me the rest of the collection when she go to KL... Hehe... is time to leave. Day 5. Before Mum joined us to leave for the airport together, we had Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. Shared it la... expensive le... but so yummy... the richness of the chocolate... Yumm.....

Arrived in Miri at 9.10pm... something like that. Total expenditure? About RM 1,600 plus including air ticket, accommodation, taxi fare, food and shopping. Vomit blood.

In case you are wondering about why I didnt show the things I bought... you need to check out wgtgfashion... But, I havent post any yet but soon... I just finished this le.. Give me a break. I am not feeling well le. This takes me about three hours to do le. Check out wgtgfashion every now and then, k?


ღAmandaa said...


btw, did you see any of Big Bang's album??

lynnx01 said...

Overloaded with so much food!!! *faints*.

Vomit blood = haemetemesis.

g0hy|3 said...

amanda, didnt see any. part of the reason why i didnt see any is because i wasnt particularly looking for Big Bang. sorry.

lynnx01, yupe, i only took pics of food. didnt take any other pics cause the point of the trip is to is a necessity...hahah

Lynnwei said...

food is reli nice! yummy!!!!

the magnet....honestly...aha...i dont think it's cute...dont angry! don angry! ahaha...

g0hy|3 said...

Oh... angry angry angry...wat not cute? cute wat? oh.. so angry so angry...

haha.. just kidding.. no hard feeling. you are entitled to your opinion.. however, i am curious as to why u think the magnets arent cute.