Thursday, January 24, 2008


Carol asked me today if I just got back from KL... Erm... I got back for quite some time liaw. Actually... maybe not very long but it feels like quite long ago. About one week, I guess.

Kind of busy helping a friend out with something that is not suitable to be disclosed.

I feel like each time when I am away from home, when I am not going thru my daily routine for even a day, I would sort of like fell behind of everything. I get the feeling that I have become left behind at a lot of things. Too many things to catch up.

Anyways, tomorrow JWei is going to fly to West Malaysia to study at MMU, CyberJaya and I will be, once again, alone at home. Have engaged the companionship of Joanna. Hehe...

Currently... listening to 'T'
Currently... need to wait for about two hours for some stuff to be possibly finish downloading

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lynnx01 said...

I spoke on the phone with Ah Wei that day.. well, hope he is settled with the MMU option and all goes well.