Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I changed my mind

Yes... I decided to post it after all.

Anyways... first, I want to show this bag that I saw at Parkson yesterday when I was out window shopping with Lynthia. I am very interested in gold weaved bags... and actually saw a few in KL but didnt plan to buy. To see it in Miri... actually expected that got such thing lor... Anyways... really would love to have one so if anyone wanna sponsor me this RM 191.40 bag, please let me know so I can go and try it out to see if I really want it. Need to take out the stuffing inside to see if it will look nice without all the stuffing 'cause normal people wouldnt carry so much things that it will make the bag bulge like that...
Ermm... about the thing I want to post... Please look at the two pics below.

Ok... here's the question. Please identify the point or reason of taking these two pics. Why are these pics taken? What are these two pics trying to portray?

Please take a guess and leave a comment. Then... come back to see the answer... I might reveal it tomorrow or maybe in two more days... See lah....

Happy Guessing!


< u3! y!nG > said...

You are looking to see if the rings looks nicer in one fingers or few fngers? :)

Dancing Queen said...

The 2 photos show that the last finger of the second photo is equal in size to the 3 fingers of the first photo. Do I make sense? Fingers of photos 1 & 2 belong to different ppl. :)

lynnx01 said...

Showing how fat your fingers are?? Hhohoho..

Hinting who to buy the bag for you? Lols! If you work hard online, can buy many many of those.. :P

Sherp said...

haha i tak sempat guess.

talking malay reminded me that last night, koko talked to ivy in bm hahaha. so funny!
and when her fren called, koko listened to her british accent hehe