Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oh! Please let it finish downloading without interruption!

I mentioned before that I have been downloading videos thru ClubBox.... It has been a week since I was able to successfully download one single thing from it. It has either been stagnant or when I tried to restart the process with the hope that it will have some movement, the whole percentage of download restart itself. *Smack my forehead very hard* It was kind of frustrating. I dont understand why is it like that...
Anyways... today seems to be a very fruitful day. I have been downloading that particular video since forever but in vain... Today... it is downloading quite fast... 'Cause I have started downloading it since 2pm and now it is almost done... I am hoping very hard now that it will continue on till it is done. Please let there be no interruption whatsoever. Please please please...
Each time I see the number is not moving, my heart seems to stop for a while. Held my breath till it moves again. Ohmigosh...Can u feel my anxiousness?
10.25pm.... I would like to announce that the video has been successfully downloaded. video! Ganbatte!! Hwaiting!

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