Saturday, January 05, 2008

Watermelon with holes

Slept on the sofa without any ventilation system going on again... Woke up at 5am feeling very very warm... Went to sleep in my own bed straight away with the fan going on speed 3.

Slipped into dreamland... Dreamt of a place that has buffet going on. Must be the tv show 'Renovate My Restaurant' re-created in my dream 'cause I fell asleep watching it. The restaurant that gets the renovated serves buffet. There were watermelons cut into nice triangle shape with skin on the table. Wait! The watermelon pieces has holes all over as if the seeds has been removed. My thoughts? Whoa! How immaculate... Take out all the seeds one o....

Also remember dreaming about me struggling to dance a Ricky Martin number. Dont ask me why I dream of such thing. I also wonder why.

Woke up at 1.30pm

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